As a kid we had a song from scouts camp about announcements, but I’ll spare you all the singing this time ^_~

As you all know the Holiday Season is upon us already. That means two wonderful things: the crafting season is here and everyone is REALLY busy! I am no exception to either of those things. This time of year is when I get most of my orders from the shop and have friends and relatives that I have projects for.

I also try every year to do some sort of charity project for our local community. This year’s project is for the Georgetown Christmas Stroll’s Whoo-Village hosted by our local Grace Bible Church. This even has been going for 11 years now providing a fun, free place for kids to play and explore during the Stroll. They have booths for face paining, whoo-hair salaon, pictures with the Grinch, and several games and activities. Every year is a little different, but every year the goals remain the same. Whoo-Village “provides a free, fun & safe Christmas experience to show God’s love for the community of Georgetown” (quote from website linked above). If  you’re in or around Georgetown, Texas this time of year, you really should come out and have a look.

The project I am finishing today for Whoo-Village is a very special costume piece for Mr.Grinch. Due to potential copyright issues, the item has been altered from the original design and is NOT being sold but donated to this wonderful group.

Along with having the Christmas Stroll coming up, I will have the WHOLE family flying in for Christmas! I am really very excited about this but, unfortunately for you all, that does mean I’ll be taking a bit of a Christmas Holiday. From December 18-31st I will be out of the office–as it were–and tending to family for the Holiday. I hope that you all take some time off to rest and relax with family and friends as well.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and I’ll see you next week!


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