Crochet 101: Lesson Three

Last lesson ended in a bit of a cliffhanger, so let’s re-cap: You should have 41 chains done and have your hook inserted in the fourth chain from the hook. Like so:


Notice we have NOT wrapped the yarn yet.

You might be wondering what the deal is with the chains on the end. It makes a sort of weird stitch doesn’t it?


To explain that part, let’s go back to the “v’s.” See how the single crochets ALSO make a v pattern on their tops?


Let’s call those “platforms” for the sake of this lesson only. Each stitch will need a platform to stand on so that it will be stable for the stitch on top of it (hence why the chain is often referred to as a foundation chain). We skipped three chains to start our row. Two of them count as the first single crochet (as a general rule of thumb one single crochet is two chains tall). This will remain the case as we go along in the pattern. Every time you start a single crochet row, you will chain two. The third chain we skipped is their platform. It is the chain that forms their base. As we move up the pattern, the stitch below will be the base and the chain two will be the stitch.

Now it’s time for our first single crochet! With the hook inserted as in pictured above, wrap the yarn (always clockwise) once around the hook  (I’ve given you pictures from a little further up in the pattern so my fingers aren’t in the way of the stitch).single-crochet-1

It is important to note here: this picture shows the hook passing under TWO strands of yarn. That is considered working the whole stitch (working through the back loop or through the front loop will come later). Make sure as you work your chain you have TWO strands above your hook and ONE below.

Take your wrapped yarn and gently pull it through the chain stitch ONLY.


Slide that loop down and wrap the yarn around your hook again.


No, I didn’t get a spray tan, I had to use a color enhance feature to clear this picture up a little.

Gently pull that new wrap through the two loops on your hook


So your single crochet should look something like the circled stitch:


Now that you have that down, finish off the row. You should have a beautiful flat set of single crochets like this:


Or maybe yours looks more like this:


If your single crochets look like that second picture, you’ve got your chain twisted. The best thing to do is to go back and start again. You are learning. if this DOESN’T happen to you, then you are basically a natural at this and probably don’t need me teaching you because –let’s be honest–I’ve been doing this for 20 years and it STILL happens to me.

If you’ve already gone back (or just REALLY don’t want to) and the line is still twisted, I have some good news: The next step tends to straighten things out, so just move on to Lesson Four.


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