Knitting 101: Lesson Four


Now that you’re pro at knitting and purling, we’re ready to finish this guy off. After you have your eight rows of ribbing done, we’re going to work on the meat of the cloth which will be very simple and then finish it off. If you’re happy with the ribbing and just want to keep going on that, go ahead and keep repeating the rows from the last lesson until your work measures 11 inches. Then skip to the bottom of this lesson to learn how to bind off.

For those of you who are ready, the rest of the pattern really is easy. For your 9th row your work should measure about two inches already. For the first eight stitches of this row, you’ll keep doing the 2×2 rib pattern that you’ve been doing. Then you’ll knit across the row until you get to the last eight stitches and pick up the ribbing again.

For the next row, you’ll do pretty much the same thing. for the first eight stitches, keep to the ribbing pattern you’re used to (knit the knits and purl the purls) then PURL across to the last eight stitches. For the last eight stitches, you’ll go back to the ribbing.

After a few rows, it will look something like this:


The edges will maintain the ribbing pattern that you’ve been doing and the center will start to look like straight knitting (or garter stitch).

Repeat those two rows until the work measures 10 inches total. For the next row, go back to the ribbing we did in our previous lesson for about eight more rows or until the work measures 12 inches total, ending on a WS row. When you turn the work to bind it, you should be working a knit stitch first.

As soon as you’re done, we’ll need to bind off. You can either bind of purl-wise or knit-wise, but when you’re working in a rib like we are, you’ll need to learn both.

To bind off KNIT stitches, start by knitting the stitch. Then slide the stitch you just knitted  back over to the left needle and slip it OVER the next stitch on the left needle (it does not matter if the next stitch is a knit or purl for this part).


There may be a large loop left hanging around the base of the stitch you just pulled through, just gently pull the working yarn and snug the loop up. Be VERY aware of your tension when you’re binding off. You could have a beautiful work and ruin it by binding off too tightly.

As you bind off stitches, they will just hang out. At this point in the work, you should not have any stitches piling up on your right needle as you move along.


To bind off PURL stitches, start by purling the stitch. Then follow the same instructions as you would for a knit bind off.

For this piece, you’ll bind off two knit-wise and two purl-wise across the work, just like you were stitching. When you get to the end of the work, leave about a 4 to six inch tail and cut the working yarn. Pull the tail through the last stitch you made and gently make a knot.

Weave in the tails using a crochet hook or yarn needle and you are DONE! Look forward to my next post with the sort version of the pattern and pictures of the completed piece.


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