Crochet 101: Treble Crochet

The Treble Crochet (aka Triple Crochet) Stitch is basic stitch that is very similar to the double crochet. This time, however, you’ll loop three times in stead of two. It makes a nice loose tall stitch that is fun and fast to work. You won’t probably see treble crochets very often, but the concepts are used in many stitches from baubles to broomstick, so let’s take a look.


I’ve already made my foundation chain and done a couple rows of half double crochet so we can see how to turn and start a row of Treble Crochet. Treble Crochets are our first stitch whose abbreviation doesn’t exactly make sense. It is abbreviated tr unlike the double crochet (dc) and single crochet (sc), the Treble Crochet does not use the first letter of each word, but instead uses the first two letters of treble to make it’s abbreviation.

Why? Well, most likely it was an arbitrary decision made by the ACA (American Crochet Association) or some yarn council somewhere. I have see tr and tc used interchangeably to mean treble crochet, but any given pattern has always chosen one and stuck with it. I am choosing to stick with tr for our lessons so that it doesn’t get too confusing when you start to see tch and trtr (that’s turning chain and triple treble crochet).

Getting back to the fun work now, we’ll chain four to make our tch (see what I did there ^_~):


Once you have your chain done up, wrap your yarn twice around your hook


Then insert the hook into the stitch


Wrap the yarn again and pull through the loop through the stitch top


Wrap the yarn around the hook again and pull that loop through the first two on the hook


And do it again


and again


and again


Until you’re FINALLY out of loops to pull through


This stitch can be a lot of fun and definitely fills a lot of space if you need some filler. It can be a little loose, so really watch your tension and gauge when you’re using this stitch. When it’s in a row though, it looks like this:


Remember, the first two rows are half double crochets? The triple crochet is about two and  a half rows of half double crochets in this piece. Gauge is IMPORTANT! The tr may be HUGE here, but if you have a smaller needle, or thinner yarn or tighter tension, that can change quickly.




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