Happy April!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of spring so far! I thought I would take a little break from all the informative blogging to give you an update on the home front.

As many of you already know I am pregnant with my second child (a boy!) who is due on April 22! That’s about two weeks from now and we are ALL super excited in my house!

I want to let you all know this because once the baby comes I may not be as readily available as I have been for questions and help with patterns.

For the time being, the blog is going to go back to once a week while we get ready for and settled in with the new baby. I know you’re probably bummed to hear that, but I hope to make up for it by starting our socks EARLY! I’ll be taking you through the basics of socks and have two ways to crochet and two ways to knit socks done up for you along with the “short version” patterns for those of you who just need the quick guide.

The Etsy shop will still be up and running, but no custom work will be available and only digital downloads will be for sale for a few weeks while I get back on my feet and into the swing of having two kids.

If you need help with anything, please feel free to email me or check out the FAQ page. Like I said, I’ll be slow to respond, but I’ll do my best.

Happy crafting!



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