All Those “Fun” Yarns

Ruffle yarn, lace yarn, feather yarn, pom pom yarn, Christmas lights AS yarn, glitter yarn, and every other yarn you can think of!

Walk into the national chain craft stores these days and you’ll find a HUGE variety of yarns that are NOT your mamma’s acrylic yarn. But what on EARTH do you do with these things? How do they work? and WHO THOUGHT GLITTER WAS A GOOD IDEA?

—It was me. I thought glitter was a good idea. It wasn’t. It never is. I’ll be finding glitter until I’m 110. NOTE: adding glitter to the dye for acrylic yarn works, with mixed results, but is EXTREMELY messy and not advised.—

Glitter aside, there are some seriously cool things that you can do with these yarns if you have the time and patience to learn how to work with them. The best part? They ALL work for knitting AND crochet (never mind what the labels may say). So, let’s get to know these yarns and some of the really cool things you can do with them.

First (and probably most common at this point) are the ruffle yarns. If you haven’t seen them, they look like this:

ruffle yarn

They’re about as wide as a thick shoelace to start with and open up to reveal a wide mesh. Originally, these yarns were used almost solely for scarves:

ruffle scarf

Now that they’ve been around for a while though, people have gotten REALLY creative. Making shawls, bags, skirts, and more, and not always sticking to the prescribed use of the yarn

Another relatively common yarn is the pom-pom yarn. It had a thin string running between fluffy baubles, like this:

bauble yarn

When I first saw this yarn I thought “What in the world am I going to do with this?” It had come in a bargain bag with a couple of other things that I thought were interesting. I happened to have a red and a green skein, so I thought Christmas something or other, but never really came back to it until I started thinking about the Christmas stocking project that will be coming up on the blog here.

I thought it would be a fun edging piece for the top of the stocking. But I KNOW there’s more to to with it than that…

Of course there’s the standard scarf (EVERYTHING can be made into a scarf), and anything that can be a scarf can also be a blanket, but I wanted to find something more creative. I stumbled across this site that shares a creative, “Alien Pillow” pattern for this pom pom yarn, and I think so far that is the most creative use of the yarn I have seen. I’ll be sharing more about this yarn as we work our Christmas stockings, like I said above, I think I’m going to use it for an edging or cuff on my stockings.

Ribbon yarn is a fun yarn that I don’t see as often in the store, but I do see a LOT of cool projects calling for this yarn. There are actually a couple of kinds of ribbon yarn. One kind looks like the ribbon you might add to a dress or tie in your hair. The other kind looks like a cross between the ruffle yarn and a ribbon. The two I have pictured here are less common forms of ribbon yarns:

lace yarn.png

They are still fun to work with and have their own uses when it comes to patterns. Of course, scarves are one of the most common patterns for any kind of yarn, but taking a look on Ravelry or this site I found on Google you can see there there is everything from shawls to bags to hats that can be made using ribbon yarn.

See a running theme yet? Yarn is yarn is yarn. You can pretty much use all these yarns for anything and any pattern that you have as long as you know how to work with them. Sometimes you need to be a little more creative, gauge a little bigger (or smaller), or think a little harder when you’re working with the “fun” yarns, but really you just need to be adventurous enough to go for it!

There aren’t any special rules or places that you can or can’t use a yarn. Use what you like, and like Ms. Frizzle says:



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