Knitting 101: The Christmas Heel and Foot

Hopefully you all are still in a holly jolly mood after knitting all that colorwork and you’re ready to move on to the heel. Before we move on, let’s do ONE more round of white just for space. Then we can start the heel.

Exactly like in Top Down Socks we’ll be working across half the stitches in short rows. I’ll be doing a solid green heel for this project, so the whole heel flap will be worked with just the green. You may notice that the other two colors are just hanging out on the cuff, and of course, if we don’t bring them up with the first stitch, when we get to the gusset they’ll still be hanging out there. I am choosing for this project not to carry them with me, mostly to show what to do if you DIDN’T mean to leave them behind. So, I’ll carry the other two colors up when we pick up stitches for the gusset. If you would rather carry them with you, just bring them along as we go like you would for stripes.

heel flap.png

When you’re working the heel flap, about two inches will still do the trick, but REMEMBER: you will need to have enough rows to pick up at least the same amount of stitches in round 1 of the gusset as you have in the cuff cast on (58). I made mine two rows too short the first time round and had to go back to fix it. For those of you who find it easier to just have a row count, 13 should do the trick for my pattern.

Once the heel flap is done, we’ll work the turning part to round it out. Once again, we’ll work the heel turning exactly the same as we would for Top Down Socks. I’m still using the green only here. When you want to make any sock that had a different color heel like this one, work the heel and heel flap in the accent color then start the gusset in the main color for the work.

heel turning.png

Now that the heel flap and turning are done, we can start on the gusset. If you’ve gotten here and gone OH NO! I forgot to carry my colors! (or if you have followed what I’m doing on purpose) Now is the time to breathe and follow along closely.

Work across the heel stitches and pick up stitches on side one. Then work across the cuff and when you get to side two, pick up your stitches, but as you work, wrap your green around the back side of the red and white, then bring it forward to pick up the next stitch.

By the time you have picked up all the stitches for side two, you’ll have all three colors at the beginning of the round and ready to start the foot.

Wait, what happened to the gusset?

Count your stitches. If you have the same amount as you cast on for the cuff, you’re golden. If you don’t, work the the gusset the same as Top Down Socks, and then move onto the foot. My stocking had enough stitches to move onto the gusset.

For the foot of my stocking, I’m working some thin, “random” stripes. Of course, if it’s a pattern they’re not REALLY random, but if you wanted to deviate from the pattern, here is a really safe and easy place to do so. The stripe section is about 2.5 inches long and the only really necessary part is to end on a white round. If you want to follow me exactly, I did 3 rounds red, 2 white, 1 green, 2 red, 1 white, 1 green, 3 red, and 1 white to lead into the next section.

When I was done with this chart, I worked chart A again:

Chart A

and then did one last round of white before starting the toe.


If you feel like you need a little more on the foot, you could work some more stripes or work chart B and C again. Or maybe just do a bit of solid color. When you’re ready, move onto the next post where we’ll finish the toe and get the Short Version of the pattern.


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